We can register your designs in the UK and in the EU. A registered design gives you the exclusive right to use the design in these territories.  A registered design protects the overall visual appearance of a product (or part of a product). A design can be a logo, a get-up, the shape of a bottle or a chair, a skirt, dress or a shoe. 

Design Services

In the UK & Community, our  trade mark specialists possess specialist knowledge to help you protect and enforce your design rights. We can advise you on how best to protect your drawings and articles. 

  • Pre-filing advice – we advise you on the most suitable form of intellectual property right to use to protect your creativity
  • Filing the application – we prepare and file your design applications and we deal with objections from the Registry
  • Post-filing advice –  we help you enforce your rights 
  • Dealing with your registration – drafting license agreements, assignments, undertakings and cease and desist letters