Trade Marks 

A trade mark is a sign which can distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors (you may refer to your trade mark as your "brand"). 

It can be for example words, logos or a combination of both.

We can register your marks in the UK, Community, and US.

Our services

We offer the following services in the UK and the Community: 

  • Trade Mark Clearance – we conduct a check of the registers to see if your mark is available
  • Pre-filing advice – we can help you decide which marks are best to register and how to obtain maximum protection for your mark
  • Filing the application – we prepare and file your trade mark application
  • Portfolio management – we offer post-filing strategic advice
  • Infringements & oppositions – we advise and assist you in relation to infringements and attacks to your mark
  • Watching Service – we can help you enforce your trademarks
  • Dealing with your registration – drafting license agreements, assignments, and cease and desist letters